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Having the world to yourself

About an hour ago i turned on the computer, and as i flipped through the usual pages to see what else the world had to offer me today, I glanced out the window and noticed the rain pouring gently down. … Læs resten

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What a 2.000 year old roman had to teach me!

There’s this roman who lived about 2.000 years ago and yes, I know.. The same time as the guy who walked on water and stuff – But it’s not that guy. Lucius Seneca was a roman philosopher who I recently … Læs resten

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A few lines can change your entire mindset

The following text, is a text my older sister put up on Facebook, and in the middle of an otherwise chaotic day, i took a deep breath and realized how awesome everything was. So without further delay: “After finishing my … Læs resten

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