A few lines can change your entire mindset

LaughterThe following text, is a text my older sister put up on Facebook, and in the middle of an otherwise chaotic day, i took a deep breath and realized how awesome everything was. So without further delay:

“After finishing my project (Thank you Michael) I decided to do something extra good for myself.. So I thought, what to do on such a splendid and extraordinary day? – And I found, that everything I do every day, is extraordinarily wonderful here in Nepal… So Cindy and I celebrated the day by doing exactly what we do every day! Because that is indeed wonderful and extraordinary. How lucky a person I am!!!”

(Names have been altered to preserve privacy)

If your brain is connected to your face, you should either be smiling right now, or thinking “.. Awesome!”.
If it’s not, oh well, here’s an imaginary cookie.

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