Having the world to yourself

Love the rainAbout an hour ago i turned on the computer, and as i flipped through the usual pages to see what else the world had to offer me today, I glanced out the window and noticed the rain pouring gently down.

I thought, “Awesome, I’m going for a run!”, so i grabbed my sneakers, and went for a run.

The purpose of this post, is not to let everyone know that I’m a complete nutter, who just went for a run because I saw the rain. The purpose is to let everyone who reads this, know what they are missing out on.

You’re missing out!

A lot of people will see the rain and think something like “Thank god I’m sitting inside!”, but I no longer dont. The reason is quite simple really, when the rain is pouring down, the world is yours, and yours alone.

Just now, while I was running, I had some relaxing music in my headphones and just let my mind wander while my feet took care of the running.

What I quickly noticed was, that I had everything to myself. No one was outside, because they too hate the rain, and over the 40-50 minutes I was running, all I saw in my otherwise crowded neighbourhood, was two people rushing to get shelter from the rain.

When you finally realize that the rain is just the same as taking a showering and nothing else, you can let it go and really appreciate everything else.

I urge you to go for a run or even a walk the next time it rains and just let your senses take control. Hear the sound of the showering rain and take a deep breath to appreciate the beautiful smell of wet flowers, bushes and trees.

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4 Kommentarer til Having the world to yourself

  1. ilvos01 skriver:

    Man, now everyone knows.

  2. admin skriver:

    Haha, I guess we can all share something awesome then.

  3. jennifer skriver:

    no thanks! i have had too many expriences dragging groceries around in the rain . nothing worse!

  4. Stevo skriver:

    I so much enjoy looking up at the rain at night with a light post above me. I feel fully alive.

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