You can make peoples day awesome!

I know that’s a bold statement! But none the less, I both know and am confident in the matter.
How do i know? And how do you do it?

How to make someone happy

You probably already noticed what I’m about to discuss, and you probably already knew most of this, but maybe you forgot, or just really couldn’t be bothered? (I know I tend to forget often).

Have you noticed how, when you are out among other people, most of the people around you, including yourself, tend to look either down at the ground or at the windows of the surrounding stores? This isn’t something bad in itself, but if you really think about how many people do this, and how they will do almost anything to avoid eyecontact, it’s almost ridiculous.

I tend to let my mind wander whenever I’m on my way to work or going home, and the last couple of days, I’ve been trying to see how many people will actually be comfortable having eyecontact and not just turn their heads and look away. Surprisingly few!

Now here comes the revelation. About half of the people who made eyecontact and didn’t instantly look away, half of them glared as if they were trying to scare me into looking away in some sort of animalistic show of power, and the other half just casually looked and then werent bothered and went back to whatever they were doing.
But everyone, every single one, was surprised when i smiled. – The reason is simple; we don’t expect it!

If you expect one thing, and another thing happens, you are surprised (duuuh), and when i flashed a smile at these people, the guys who were trying to make me look away ended up becoming confused and looking away, untill a couple of seconds passed and I could see them smile too.
- The other half simply lit up when i smiled, in a complete show of affection.

Now, the reason why I claim this can make someone happy? Simple; someone smiled at me while I wasn’t expecting it, and I had an awesome day! – So smile instead of looking away, because if you by some chance meet me in a public transportation, you will have made my day.

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